Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling with the answers to success in your business?

Have you put in the hours and logged the work but still not seeing the direct results you want?

I recently spoke with Jules Schroeder about this very thing. Her entrepreneurial journey is encouraging to people like you who may be having trouble because she’s been where you’ve been before and understands exactly what you need to do to pivot.

Jules is the founder of the Unconventional Life, ranked the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs in 2017, that airs on the Forbes Under30 channel. She teaches millennial entrepreneurs how to earn a living in non-conventional ways. Launching her first 6 figure company at age 18, Jules knows the ropes of a successful business and the pitfalls.

In this article, she is teaching entrepreneurs like you how to accelerate your business and elevate every area of your life, because she has a knack for seeing holes in people’s marketing and shows you how to build your business the right way.

Here’s three tips Jules gives which can help you tremendously with your company.

#1 — Be Willing To Experiment

You must always be testing new ideas and new formats for your company.

It’s easy to fall into the rut of the ‘same old’ every day with your business. It’s the same old social patterns, same old conversations, and the same old marketing techniques. Step out on a limb and create something new today.

Look into other entrepreneurs and their strategy. Are they doing something different than you are? Better yet, is it working? Why aren’t you doing that ‘thing’?

You have an audience waiting on your product. Yes, I know it seems like they’re nowhere around some days, but you have a person who desperately needs what you have. Perhaps another entrepreneur or friend has the answer to what you need.

You just never know. Jules mentioned you should be experimenting, without any attachments, to whatever it is you’re doing. Just have fun with it and you will find yourself learning more about yourself, your business, and your audience.

Sometimes experimenting with new things is exactly what your business needs to take another direction in it’s new pivot.

#2 — Stay Focused

I know this seems redundant. You hear this one all the time from marketers who’ve already made it. However, there’s some truth to this statement.

I remember a fellow entrepreneur who wanted to be successful with his company. He planned out a social strategy for every major social media network. He then began to map out everything he was going to do on all of these social channels. The sad part about this story is he stretched himself too thin. He couldn’t be an expert on every social channel. No one was buying it.

The story above can paint a clear picture of success for you. Stay focused on your mission, your goals, and your marketing strategy. If you’re like the man above and want to have a social expertise on a specific platform, pick ONE, not all, and become the expert.

My uncle used to joke about how he was a Jack of all trades and a master of none. Don’t be a Jack. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t stray from your mission.

This is why Jules expresses how important it is to keep your mission in view and stay focused on your highest excitement. Whether on a whiteboard, sticky note, or somewhere in your computer, make sure you are always focused on what your goal is for your project or overall business.

#3 — Follow The ‘YES’

Jules saved the best tip for the last, and it was one which impacted me personally for my business as well.

Follow the YES!

She explains this in a very interesting way as to describe you working on or ‘flexing’ your mind muscles.

Anything which is not a definite yes, don’t take action on it. Often when you say yes to things you feel like you should do, the experience isn’t the best or the outcome is less than what you have desired.

If someone asks you to do something, or you have a specific idea about your life or your business, check in (with your mind) every time you need to make that certain decision. You will always know right away if you want to do something, or if it’s something which feels right to you.

It’s learning to trust yourself and when you trust yourself you are mentally stronger and become better equipped to step into this new area.

Simply put, if it’s a yes, then do it. If it’s a no, don’t. This is learning how to flex your muscles to enlightenment and success within both your business and life.

Over To You

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is struggling just a bit with your business or you’re someone who feels like a pivot is needed for your company, Jules Schroeder has the answers you need to take the next step. Join her live for one of her upcoming business accelerators.

First published on Thrive Global.