Are you aware of these truths about your targeted social traffic? Did you know why there are realities that come along with these truths? While you may know about the truths, the realities will punch you in the face.

When you learn how to target your social media traffic, chaos becomes order and confusion becomes clarity.

How can you use your business to compete with someone’s best friend or spouse in their Facebook feed?

Perhaps you have been using the old ‘wing and a prayer’ method when it comes to your social media marketing techniques? Granted, that’s a great way to keep your heart rate up, but there is a way to make your social marketing more solid by convincing people you have what they want or need.

There are some truths you should know about targeted traffic on social media. Let me be clear, you already know the truth, but what you may lack is the mechanics of performing these strategies into positive action.

Let me explain.

#1 – The Truth: Targeted social traffic is interested in your brand.

#1a – The Reality: I have no idea who these people are.

One of the main faux pas a business owner commits is the fact they skip the part where their audience is concerned. You have built a product, website, or you write content consistently (which is a good thing), but you made one mistake.

Remember that old line from Field of Dreams “If you build it they will come”?

I’m calling B.S. on this line right now.

In order to get them to visit your content, buy your product, or understand what they want or need, you will have to go to them first.

It’s exciting to have a brand new product or what you think is an awesome idea for content. With that excitement there is a bit of negligence that comes with it. I have seen it over and over. Business owners forget to test their audience. Is this something they would be interested in? You find out immediately when you release the product or content and no one shows up to the party.

Targeting your social media traffic is understanding your audience.

You have to get into the mix with these people. Test different social media platforms out and learn which one holds the brunt of your congregation. Investigate. Learn. Adapt. These are essential when it comes to understanding who your target market is.

Do you have a product or piece of content they would benefit from? What would ‘Bob’, who uses Facebook 90% of the time, think about your line of bath soaps?

Dale Carnegie explained about how to win friends and influence people when he showed us the simple steps to bringing your audience to your brand.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and jump in head first. Social media is social. It takes time to build relationships and get close enough to establish trust with your audience. Listen and learn. They will tell you how to supply their needs. When you begin to do this, you will find your targeted social media audience begin to gravitate toward your brand organically, not forcefully.

#2 – The Truth: Targeted social traffic converts.

#2a – The Reality: How do I get them to convert?

More engaging headlines/clickbait reactions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the special power to attract everyone you wanted to your landing page, content, or product?

What if I told you it’s totally possible to have this ability?

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

So, you’ve scoped out your target audience on social. Now, you’ve got to bring them to your doorstep. Most people think this is the last step, and this idea is what separates successful entrepreneurs from people who fail.

It’s not the last step, but the first step.

Don’t just bring them to your doorstep, bring them into your house. Sit them down in the living room and make them feel welcome.

That’s the difference between someone who is an acquaintance and someone who is family. Family doesn’t stop at the door. They open it up without ringing the doorbell and raid your fridge.

Getting your target audience to perform these actions begins with what you tell them/show them on social media.

Assuming you have already spent the qualified time needed to establish your audience, now it’s time to invite them into your business.

Get your words right.

No matter what action you want them to do – opt in, share something, or purchase, the conversion is the same. It’s all in how you place your wording.

The right content in your headline on social media can produce different types of emotions within your audience. Using psychology to drive social media traffic is a great way to manipulate the mind into converting on what you want.

There are 5 words that immediately produce emotion in the brain, use these words to drive your target audience through your door.

  1. Who – studied by Isabel Gauthier who determined “Who” creates a fear of missing out trigger in your brain.
  2. What – creates a question in the Brocal area of the brain and is recognized 52% of the time more than the other 5 W’s.
  3. When – everyone is impacted by time. We are creatures who are curious about the when. It helps us expect something in the near future.
  4. Where – an emotional trigger which helps people understand what they are missing and where it’s at.
  5. Why – the best word to use when starting a blog post. It begs a question that needs to be answered and your reader will stay on the page hoping to find that answer.

Of course, conversion is not all wording and creative content, but it is also about visual imagery. Paired with the right visual, your audience will feel welcome, they will feel emotion, energy, and possibly loss (if that’s what you want them to feel) and you will notice your funnel start to grow when you use these techniques.

#3 – The Truth: Targeted social traffic migrates.

#3 – The Reality: I’m not sure how to get them to do this.

One of the oldest and most effective ways to build targeted social media traffic is through relationship building and influencer marketing.

You have a product, but no audience. Maybe you have a great piece of content, but only 100 people visit your site every day? It’s not a reason to give up!

There are influencers in your niche who can help you. These people are experts in their field and they already have a great following who hangs onto their every word. The trust has already been built and the reliability is already there.

When you include these influencers into your strategy you build a bridge from their brand to yours. Think about it. Having an influencer like Neil Patel, Jay Baer, or Seth Godin recommend your product or site to their audience is every entrepreneur’s dream in this industry.

So how do I get people of this caliber to do this?

First of all, you need to enter into this strategy with an understanding of the reciprocity factor. The power of reciprocity states when you do something for someone else, they will eventually feel compelled to do something for you as well.

Research your industry. Who are the experts? Once you find these people, learn what you can do for them that will help their brand, not yours. Can you share something? Probably, but these people are getting hundreds, if not thousands, of social shares every day so that’s not different enough.

In order to get their attention you must do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. (By the way, emailing them with your most recent article and asking them to share it isn’t the way to go).

Here are some suggestions to start the process of building a relationship with them:

  1. Invite them on your podcast
  2. Write some great content for their website
  3. Be consistent in sharing their content – I know I said one share wouldn’t get their attention, but I’ve personally had an experience with this one where I consistently shared an influencers work daily all while mentioning them in the share and gave them credit for the article. Later, while visiting them at their house, they told me they took notice because I was consistent in my sharing.
  4. Think of a special project you can do for them FOR FREE – I noticed one influencer’s Google+ page was having difficulty getting traction and I came up with a solution where I helped their page get over 600 new followers in 3 days. They were very grateful, and it opened up new opportunities for me in their brand.

Think about what you can give back to them specifically. What do they need the most? Even experts need help from time to time. They still have goals and dreams and you can learn what you should do in order to help them.

In my experience, doing these small favors has always led to more targeted traffic on social. They are already in your niche so their audience is your audience, and the more you get to know them the better your chances are of bridging that gap between your audience and theirs.

Over to you

You already know the truth about targeted social media traffic. But have you faced the realities yet? The reality is, sometimes it’s a bit harder than it looks to devise a perfect strategy for your audience on social media.

However, these tips I’ve shown you will help you get on your way to a successful, reactive audience.
Do you have any tips for building targeted traffic from social media? Is there a certain strategy which only you know or have thought about? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section.