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Influencer marketing has become a staple in most business practices; what once started off as an idea that had skeptics raising their eyebrows has now turned in to a multi-million dollar industry. That’s because it is proven investing in influencers can grow your business. And not just in sales but in reach, repeat customers and legitimacy.

Influencer marketing has some real pull; these are natural experts in social media that can be your bullhorn and champion your brand. Here are 3 powerful ways that working with influencers can help grow your business.

You Can Reach a Skeptical, Ad-Blocking Generation Authentically

A whopping 47 percent of online customers use some sort of ad-block program on their browser. These programs have become ever popular with Millennials and a natural part of life for the even younger generation, Gen Z. It’s important to recognize this; Gen Z is the next up and coming generation of spenders and they are already ignoring and distrusting ads. That means much of the money you are pouring into advertising on digital is wasted.

Influencers, however, are a large part of both Millennial and Gen Z’s intake of media on the Internet. In fact, 8 in 10 of the most influential people for teen audiences are Youtube stars. They are pushing regular celebrities down the list every year. Combine that with the fact that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from peers (even if they don’t know them), and having a Youtuber promote your brand starts to make more sense. It breaks the walls down to a very skeptical generation who can spot an advertisement a mile away.

An Influencer’s Power Can Broadcast to a Much Larger Audience Than Your Own

Maybe you have your set number of devoted customers but you really need to reach a broader audience and bring in some new, first time buyers. Influencers have the kind of reach that your brand alone cannot. An Instagram influencer with 25k followers has the potential to reach that many eyeballs, most of which are probably not following your brand to begin with. And if that influencer has multiple channels, they have even further reach and the ability to create more variety in content with products.

These people are already readily buying into this person’s persona and feed, and it’s much easier to reach them with a product placement than to try and get them to follow your brand first. It’s about reaching your consumer where they already are and not trying to bring them someplace new, which takes far more time and effort on their end.

Working With Influencers Means Fostering New Business Relationships

With influencers, look beyond just the potential audience and consumers; you are fostering a new relationship with someone who could be your true advocate. An influencer program doesn’t have to stop at just a few posts in a month. Some influencers will sign up to promote a brand for a year, or might even love a product so much that they end up creating more content on their own, outside of what they’ve been asked to do.

And don’t underestimate their own circle of friends. Often times they have worked on collaborations with others in order to help build their own personal brands. That means they have a network they can reach out to if you need to expand who you work with. And with a positive relationship, they’ll be able to do the negotiating for you and convince their friends to work with you. Now your brand suddenly has a much larger pool of influencers to choose from, willing to work with you.

If you’ve been looking for the right time to start reaching out to influencers and building a campaign, now is it. More and more businesses are pouring in parts of their annual budget to influencers and that number will only grow in 2017, which means these influencers will be in bigger demand and harder to snag for a campaign. Don’t keep thinking about it, act on it, and start reaching out to your ideal influencers as soon as possible!


Jennifer Spencer PR