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It is down to the wire! This week is the last chance to get all of your holiday shopping taken care of before the arrival of Santa Claus. If you can’t figure out what to get the entrepreneur in your life, here is a wish list full of gifts perfect for your shopping list. As you probably already know, entrepreneurs are a breed of business people with incredibly strong work ethics, huge hearts, and never-ending aspirations. While many people dream of clothing, jewelry, and “toys” under the Christmas tree, entrepreneurs would rather get something that helps them with their business adventure. Choose one of these gift ideas and light up the life of your entrepreneur.

1.Caffeine Production

Let’s face it – entrepreneurs sometimes have to work ridiculous hours. They will face lots of late nights and early mornings as they start up and run their businesses. Help them out by providing an around-the-clock caffeine source.

  • Jennifer Spencer PRSingle Cup Coffee Maker – A cup of coffee can be ready at a moment’s notice for the entrepreneur who is against the clock to make an important deadline.
  • Espresso Machine – An espresso machine is perfect for the entrepreneur who needs a little more punch in their coffee.
  • Motivational Coffee Mug – Every entrepreneur is going to have the occasional bad day. Keep them motivated and smiling by giving a motivational coffee mug to brighten even the worst day.

2. Distraction-free Devices

To reap the rewards and be successful as an entrepreneur, it takes focus. Entrepreneurs have a lot riding on their shoulders, and distractions can stand in the way of their success and sidetrack the growth of their business. These gifts will help keep all of the distractions at bay allowing your entrepreneur to focus.

  • Website Blocker – Time is money, especially to an entrepreneur. While their intentions may be good, it is easy to get distracted on social media or email. Each one of those distractions can take up to twenty minutes to get back on track. Help your entrepreneur focus and make more money next year by purchasing a subscription to a website blocking app. These distraction blockers allow the user to block out specific websites and apps on all of your devices (i.e. Twitter) and create scheduled focus sessions.
  • Noise Canceling Headphones – Entrepreneurs are constantly listening to podcasts, tuning into webinars, Jennifer Spencer PRand listening to audiobooks. Even more importantly, they work all over the place. You might find them working in a coffee shop, an airport, or at a home office with children running around. The entrepreneur in your life needs some help staying “in the zone” by tuning out all of the distracting background noise.
  • Office Organization Tools – A distraction free environment is critical for a busy entrepreneur. Cluttered desk space will equate to wasted time. Give the gift of organization to the entrepreneur in your life. The options are endless. Choose from desk organizers, filing cabinets, or shelving systems.

3. Ergonomic Gear

Sometimes entrepreneurs get so caught up in running their business that they forget about their own comfort. What they may fail to realize is that when their bodies are comfortable, they are more productive. Entrepreneurs that complain of headaches or constantly rub their shoulders and necks will benefit from one of these gift ideas.

Jennifer Spencer PR

  • Standing Desk – Entrepreneurs spend long hours sitting in front of their computers which can wreak havoc on the muscles in their necks and backs. A standing desk gives busy workers an opportunity to stand while working.
  • Ergonomic Office Chair – One of the most important pieces of equipment in an entrepreneur’s office is the chair. An adjustable and ergonomic office chair is an important investment and will save money in the long run.
  • Activity Tracker – Even busy entrepreneurs need to prioritize fitness and wellness. Activity trackers help office workers be held accountable for getting up and moving around instead of spending ten hours at a desk. The devices track sleep, movement, heart rate, and even help remind their user to walk at least once every hour. This item will make a great gift for any entrepreneur who wants to prioritize their health.

4. Productivity Tools

Time is the most valuable resource for entrepreneurs. Business owners are inundated with phone calls, meetings, endless emails, and to-do lists that grow by the second. Productivity tools are the perfect gifts to help the entrepreneur in your life maximize their precious time.

  • Jennifer Spencer PRPlanner – Time management is tough. Successful people are proactive and know that they need to plan ahead to be efficient. Every entrepreneur needs a good daily planner to effectively plan their day. Planners can help map out business strategies, set goals, and organize business operations in addition to scheduling daily agendas.
  • White Board – Any entrepreneur will attest to the extreme amount of planning and brainstorming that takes places on a daily basis. Give them a place to plan with a large dry erase board.
  • Accounting Software – While accounting software may not sound like the coolest gift under the tree, any entrepreneur would appreciate it. Tracking business expenses is essential to managing a business, and this software can help organize all of the mandatory accounting and save tons of time and money.

The holidays are right around the corner. If you are pressed for time and need a gift for the entrepreneur in your life, you’ve come to the right place. They are sure to love any of these thoughtful and useful gifts. Grab one or two and sneak them under the tree with a few hours to spare!

Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer specializing in career growth, digital marketing and online entrepreneurship. She writes about her experiences on her website, Engineered Motherhood