Matt Ruedlinger

When Matt Ruedlinger, owner of Triple R Marketing in Indiana, heard that local company Joan’s Caramels was going to close due to founder and personal friend Joan Fischer’s retirement, he sprung to action. For years, Ruedlinger had given his clients Joan’s Caramels on their birthdays and was met with tremendous positive response. Clients loved the personal touch of receiving caramels and Ruedlinger was able to form many friendships through his sincere gesture. The handmade homemade caramels quickly became an integral part of Ruedlinger’s business. He knew he had to reach an agreement with Fischer to keep the caramels available for everyone.

After several discussions with his wife Sonya, Ruedlinger decided to approach Joan about purchasing Joan’s Caramels. In January of 2016, Ruedlinger took over as the new owner of Joan’s Caramels. Embracing the philosophy that people like to work with people they like, he set out to use Joan’s caramels as the bridge to a personal connection between businesses and their customers.

After all, Ruedlinger knew it would work for other businesses, because it worked so well for his. He immediately launched a new website to make purchasing easier and to bring the experience of Joan’s Caramels to all businesses and their customers. Joan’s Caramel’s will even send the caramels to your clients for you one week prior to their birthday along with your business card! All you have to do is send over your list of clients and birthdays, along with your business cards with your order and they will take it from there.

“If a business wants to create a strong connection with their clients, they have to learn to earn their trust, get to know them and let the customer know that they are more than just a sell,” said Ruedlinger. “Giving caramels on a birthday, purchase anniversary, or just because says that you are invested in the person and shows sincerity.”

Joan’s Caramels has been a nice compliment to Triple R Marketing, providing an added bonus for businesses. With Triple R Marketing’s promotional products, businesses can send their caramels in a branded box, candy jar, mug, tin and/or tumbler provided. They can also send their caramels with additional branded item like pens, t-shirts, and/or flyers.

“Having the ability to brand products to put the caramels in, allows us to help businesses set themselves apart from their competition,” said Ruedlinger. “There is no more B2B or B2C, it’s P2P people to people.”

Joan’s Caramels are currently shipping caramels from east coast to the west coast and Ruedlinger is excited to continue to grow throughout the United States. They plan on continuing to grow their options and ability to customize with new flavors, candies, and ideas. And yes, Ruedlinger still sends his clients delicious caramels for their birthdays.

Joan’s caramels are 100% hand made from the finest ingredients. It is about an eight hour process from the time they cook to the time they are wrapped. They come in five flavors: Original, Salted, Peanut and Sea Salt, Mocha Espresso Sea Salt, and Turtle. They also do Turtle sheets which is pecans, original caramel, topped with chocolate and wedding favors. To learn more visit or call 812-369-7844.